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Welcome to KoldBreeze.com!

Our website introduces Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati to outdoor temperature relief. We cater to outdoor gatherings and industry where large open areas are hard to provide heat relief. We offer products suited for animal and livestock industry to provide optimum insect control and minimize dust and debris in the air.

Our guarantee to you is providing the best safety equipment with cooling relief for you and your family, animals and pets, business and industry for everyday cooling needs.

Our Products

At KoldBreeze.com we offer a wide variety of misting fans and misting products to best suit your application. Misting and non-misting fans are available in a wide range of sizes to work individually or in series to Weather Relief Misting Fanprovide the best working design in your outdoor enviornment. Our products come with the ability to be operated by the need of with or without water and electrical hookups. This gives the user of our products the choice of what fits the need best.

Large misting fan trailers with large reservoir water supply tanks including self-contained electrical source by means of a generator is perfect for those considerations that give no options to lack of electric/water resources.

Misting NozzleMisting lines, misting pumps, misting nozzles and misting fan accessories are available to our customers to Do-it-Yourself and use your own existing fan to enjoy the comforts of outdoors. Our products range from being available for sale, leased or rented for planned outdoor events. Leasing is a recommended best option for extended periods of use. All of our products for rent or lease provide a maintenance contract to not only prevent interruption of service, but enable a safe and sanitary product and service.

Find out more about our product and services by viewing numerous areas of our website including our KoldBreeze Forum that provides accountablity and firsthand experiences from customers that enjoy the best method for temperature relief outdoors.

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> Great point of use fan for
multiple applications
> Used for indoor/outdoor application
> Timer or temperature type activated for peak temperatures

Brings the following abilities

  • Stops insect habitation on livestock animals
  • Protects from Mold related illnesses
  • Keeps animal feed dry
  • Provides quick drying times for inclement weather
  • Allows ability to keep shelters cleaner
  • Provides great relief from direct heat
Gives ability to bring cooler air to animals from areas inside
Provides a white noise to animals to keep from startling
Protects from mosquito habitation in still water reservoirs


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